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Meet Our Specialists

Our team of specialists are here to help you, whatever your goal. Each coach offers a multitude of services including Online Coaching, In-Person Training and/or Hybrid.


With Online Training you get the best of both worlds. Personal, tailor-made programmes, digital assistance whenever you need it and sessions completed in your own time, wherever, whenever.

  • 12 Week Minimum Programmes

  • Programmes Delivered Direct to you via an App

  • Personal Calorie & Macronutrient Calculations

  • Consistency and Accountability as standard

  • 24/7 Contact via Chat Box within the App

After an initial consultation where we discuss your goals, objectives and obstacles, we will then allocate the best coach for you. All coaches deliver high quality, bespoke programmes and play to their specialisms and strengths to support you and get you the success you deserve.

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We've all heard that achieving any goal is 80% diet right...? If you're motivated to move and train but are a little clueless when it comes to your diet then The Foodie package is for you. Over 12 weeks we will delve into your current eating habits, find hacks and tricks to ever so slightly change those habits to make them work for you and make them work for your goals.

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New to the gym? Need some structure to your training? Feeling like a hamster on a wheel and want some variety? The Fittie can help.

Whatever your goal; muscle gain, weight loss, sports specific, this 12-week+ programme will be structured and tailored to your specific needs. You'll see progression, improvement and consistency.

Full Monty Icon.png


This all-inclusive package is exactly that. Throughout the 12 weeks we will ensure your nutrition and your exercise find that forever-strived for #balance. Whether you're working for a specific goal or you just want to find a way to look, feel and move better The Full Monty covers all bases; food, exercise and everything else in between.

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