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About TRUE.

TRUE was founded in 2022 by Dottie and Ben when a gym they both worked at shut down due to COVID. Rather than simply finding another gym based job, Dottie approached Ben with an idea.


An idea to join their love of fitness travel, good food and meeting new people into one.


Hence, TRUE Escapes was born, initially with the sole purpose to host UK based weekend and week long retreats.


Since then, the company has grown to include day retreats and also venturing abroad for our escapes.


Now, we want to grow and be able to bring our ethos and love of balance to others beyond our retreats and experience days


TRUE Escapes

Our original product takes you away from your day to day life and engrosses you in all things TRUE. Let us show you our version of balance, as you join us either for a weekend or longer, out in the countryside or abroad. Combining regular exercise, great food, meeting like minded people and time to relax in one package.

TRUE Experience

Condensing our Escapes into a single day event, you get a taste of it all. Run, lift, recover, mobilise, eat, chat, and much more within the space of a few hours exploring spaces and places in London you might not have ever seen.

TRUE Coaching

Completely personalised training plans with exclusive access to regular informative and educational content. Allow our team of experts to help you work through your goals whilst joining an online community.

TRUE Corporate

A successful corporation is lead by successful people and successful people take care of their health and well-being. Let us take away the guess work for your employees by leading regular events, TRUE away days and working wellness trips alongside personalised programmes for your company to ultimately reap the benefits of heightened performance.

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